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Graduation gownn

Graduation gownn

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Product description
Make it a big deal with this graduation gown for some one in your centre who turns 5, and ready to move on to their next learning journey. Have a graduation ceremony, take lots of photos and file them in their portfolio, make them feel proud and excited that they have done so well to become 5, and give them the best farewell with lots of special memories, make sure your tell them that you miss them and all the best for school…..

Material: polyester
Smart design
Fit most children from 3-6 years old

See what teachers say
By providing dress up experiences, children can benefit to:
-learn to socialise and communicate
-understand new experienceslearn language, and practise using it
-express their feelings
-be creative by making up their own stories, chants and songs
-learn about cooperating and understanding from another person’s point of view
-gain confidence
-practise problem solving
-become familiar with the symbol systems of society such as letters and numbers
(from experienced NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)

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