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Multi-layer constructive puzzles The Ugly Duckling story H031003

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The jigsaw is designed with a range of themes as wild animal, fairy tale, marine life, nature, vehicle, architecture, etc. Children can pick up plenty of basic knowledge while playing. Adult can support them by telling them the story of The Ugly Duckling while they are fixing the puzzle. This is a puzzle that children keep coming back to, as it is a puzzle that takes a bit of a challenge, children will receive sense of achievement every time upon completion. Meantime, the fine art design of each jigsaw will foster children’ interest and acknowledgement of beauty.

-Size: 15 x 15 x 1.5 cm
-Made from high quality of wood and child-safe non toxic paints
-Multi-layer design to captivate children’s interest

See What Teachers Say
This jigsaw puzzle can help children to:
-develop hand–eye coordination
-learn different colours and shapes
-develop finger and hand muscles
-learn to solve problems
-learn to reason and deal with frustration
-learn to persevere and be patient
-initiate conversations and develop language skills
(from experienced NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)


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