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Wooden sushi box

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Product description
Add wasabi, if you like! This elegant 24-piece wooden sushi set is packed in a beautiful storage box, which will keep your child’s playing time rolling. Includes so many things, even a menu on the bottom of the box for your appetite. For those who are looking for toys for their childcare centres, this will make a great resource to add in your centre to promote multiculturalism and inclusive practice.

-Size: 25.4L x 22.9W x 3.8H cm
-Includes sliceable sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, egg, and roe toppings, rice, dipping bowl, wooden knife, menu, and more
-Frustration-free, self-stick chopsticks grip onto play food
-Self-stick tabs make realistic slicing sounds when "cut" with the wooden knife

See What Teachers say:
This Sushi set can:
open up ideas to children of food that is different to theirs
help to understand diverse cultures’ perspectives and respect people that are different from them
know their cultural identities and be proud of who they are
encourage creativity
learn simple counting and colours
provide opportunities for make believe play/dramatic play
stimulate social interactions and language development
gain confidence
learning new experiences
develop fine motor skills and manipulative skills
(from selected NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)


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