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Police officer dress up

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Police is great, they are our community helpers, and many children have dreams about becoming a policeman when they grow up. Well, this police role play set will give your little one an opportunity to know how it feel to become a police officer and role played the duties of an real police officer’s.

Equip your little police officer with everything they need to save the day!
Realistic nylon jacket and hat.
Includes hand cuffs, a shiny badge, radio with sound effects and a whistle.
Fit for children 100cm to 130cm tall, ages 3-6 yrs.

See what teachers say:
By providing dress up experiences, children are empowered to:
-learn to socialise and communicate
-understand new experiences
-learn language, and practise using it
-express their feelings
-be creative by making up their own stories, chants and songs
-learn about cooperating and -understanding from another person’s point of view
-gain confidence
-practice problem solving
(from selected NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)

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