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Surgery dress up

Surgery dress up

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Kids admire what doctors do, they have the power to help sick people to feel better. “It’s like magic!”
“Mum, how can the doctor know what’s wrong with me, but you don’t know?” from a 4 years old boy.
Not everybody can become a doctor, it takes lot of studying and practical experiments. Why not let your Little one be inspired with all the doctors equipment this doctor set comes with and have a feel of being a doctor. You never know, maybe the future doctor is around the corner! All big dreams start small!

1.Encouraging Kids to Imagine & Explore the Exciting Pretend Experiences of Being a Doctor or surgeon.
2.Includes: Realistic Cotton Shirt, Pants, Hat and Doctor Supplies:
Stethoscope, Otoscope, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Gauge, Scissors, Injection needle, and Bandage.
3.Encourages Creativity, Role Playing and Imagination!
4.Fit most children from 3-6 years old.

See what teachers say
By providing dress up experiences, children can benefit to:
-learn to socialise and communicate
-understand new experiences
-learn language, and practise using it
-express their feelings
-be creative by making up their own stories, chants and songs
-learn about cooperating and -understanding from another person’s point of view
-gain confidence
-practise problem solving
-become familiar with the symbol systems of society such as letters and numbers.
(from experienced NZ registered teachers, for reference only, individual cases may vary)

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