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Little Chef dress up

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Haven’t you been waiting for your little one to ask if they can help in the kitchen? They love the smell of the fresh baked cookies, and they want to know how Mum can make them so amazingly!
Here you go, with measuring spoons, two wooden utensils, and more, this chef role play set will definitely help children to take the curiosity into real life cooking experiences, where they can build comprehension and reasoning skills, practice patience, follow directions, enhance their creativity, and build self-confidence. Cooking experiences also build children's knowledge and skills in science, math, reading, and communication.

1.Equip your little chef with everything he/she needs to cook up a storm!
Includes: Realistic Cotton Jacket and Hat, Measuring Spoons, Oven mitt, knife, fork and spoon.
2.Encourages Creativity, Role Playing and Imagination
3.Made from polyester and plastic
4.Fit most children from 3-6 years old

See what teachers say:
By providing dress up experiences, children can:
-learn to socialise and communicate
-understand new experiences
-learn language, and practise using it
-express their feelings
-be creative by making up their own stories, chants and songs
-learn about cooperating and -understanding from another person’s point of view
-gain confidence
-practice problem solving
(from selected NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)

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