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Double sided magnetic wooden clock

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Product description
Learning the time has never been that fun and easy with this double sided magnetic clock. One side is a clock and a puzzle, where children can turn the hands to indicate different times, it helps them to get onto their daily routines by seeing the different times on the clock ; the wooden shapes are magnetic, children can match them in the right space to complete the puzzle. On the other side is a farm background, children can use the magnetic shapes to allocate the farm animals and explore the natural environment. Children can extend the uses of the wooden shapes by stacking them up, to challenge their balancing skills. What’s more, with the tough wooden base, the clock can stand up alone, which makes it a perfect child friendly decoration.

Educational, multifunctional , playful, made of high quality of rubber wood
23.8 x 23.8 x 2.8 cm

See what teachers say:
What do children learn from playing with this wooden magnetic clock?
Develop eye– hand coordination skills
Learn to tell the time
Enhance manipulative skills
Colour and shape recognitions
Improve Math and numeracy skills
Encourage problem solving skills
Stimulate spatial awareness
Encourage social interaction
Challenge their balancing skills
Stimulate logical thinking
(from experienced NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)

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