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Beleduc One world knob puzzle

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42.2 x 33.4 x 2 cm

Let your children become world explorers with this fabulous knob puzzle. It provides a great opportunity for children to see other culture's values and perspectives, and opens up their minds to the wider world. It is also an excellent resource to have to demonstrate multiculturalism and inclusive practice in homes or centres. Simple drawing below to assist solving the puzzle.

-Big size and clear pictures
-Made from quality wood and child safe materials

See what teachers say
Puzzle play can help children to:
-develop hand–eye coordination
-learn different colours and shapes
-develop finger and hand muscles
-learn to solve problems
-learn to reason and deal with frustration
-learn to persevere and be patient.
-Initiate conversations and develop language skills
(from experienced NZ registered ECE teachers, for general reference only, individual cases may vary)

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