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Re-arrange the order of colour chess on the stand to be the same as it is on the wooden card. size:..
Turn the middle layer, try and put the same colour together or see what colour you can mix. This is ..
Comes with 4 different dressing activities, to enhance children's problem solving skills and fine mo..
This is a fun game to improve children's fine motor skills and colour recognition. Features in soft ..
Put all chessmen to the board, roll the dice and get one chessman from the board, if the colour of t..
Product Description Replace the computer games with this wooden board memory game now, it is fun and..
Take all of the pieces out and try and assemble them back again. There are five holes in each ball. ..
This very hungry caterpillar is ready to join your mat time, story telling time or for cake decorati..
This Wooden alphabet fun wall panel can be screwed in the wall or lie flat on a table for child..
Made from unfinished wood, natural and safe for children. Age 3 +..
Product Description This is a wood maze puzzle in which you try to get the marbles through the maze ..
This Wooden number tracking wall panel can be screwed in the wall or lie flat on a table for ch..
Product description  The flip tops spin on the ball and then flip themselves over and spin on t..
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