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At its simplest, this activity is good for practicing the order of the numbers. That after 19 comes ..
The Geometric Solids prepare a child for geometry, allows the child to compare different three-dimen..
Chinese language has a very special category of Chinese idioms called chengyu, a unique style of idi..
Solid wooden tray with routed slots for storing each of the coloured Beads Stairs. Beads are in..
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Develop children’s visual perception of dimension and colour recognition. At the mean time, provide ..
Four skittles representing a whole and divisors of 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4. Tray size: 32.5L x 7.5W ..
About this product Loads of learning fun and excitement await the kids as they discover the activiti..
Block 1: The cylinders increase in diameter and height. Block 2: The cylinders increase in diameter..
MAGPAD is a board with a perforated surface containing metallic beads underneath . A sophisticated m..
The item includes 27 wooden cubes and prisms painted red, blue, yellow and black, in a wooden box wi..
Includes 20 wooden geometric blocks, one pair of each shape.  Age 3 +..
This material demonstrates the power of two by its component parts of cubes and prisms, each a progr..
Understand the concepts of basic arithmetic, learn to count and associate quantity with a number dig..
  This wooden educational clock is made from high quality bass wood,features in varible digital..
Makes from solid beech wood, measures up to 20cm..
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